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De pié, cantar, que vamos a triunfar ! Será mejor la vida que vendrá !


Released June 17, 2022
Production : Assos Picante
Label : Quart de Lune
Distribution : UVM Production, Idol


Four master percussionists sing, dance, recite, strike their drums, eager to share with you the richness of ancestral songs and rhythms.

The blending is done by means of the piano, the saxophone and the double bass competing each in their virtuosity in a back and forth from one country to another, that finally arrives at a new unclassifiable music somewhere between jazz and traditional music, one made up of rhythms of African origin, Amerindian melodies, texts from ancient Europe and contemporary creation.  

Tambor Y Canto: concentrated energy, pleasure and creative boldness ! 

"La Segunda" takes us to Colombia. The staple music: Cuba, Brazil and Argentina are always along for the ride. And the caravel sets sail!.


Escorted by the surdos and timbaos of Bahia on one hand, the batás and shekeres of Havana on the other, the piano leaves Barranquilla and its cumbia for the Quebrada de Humahuaca, where it will dance the carnavalito. The carnival just has to hold steady! 

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Les rythmes d'Amérique du Sud se croisent et s'entrechoquent
dans cette discussion frappée entre le tambour cajon, l'indispensable pandeiro brésilien,
l'imposant bombo au son caverneux et les tambours bata de la santeria.
De quoi en perdre gaiement son latin (jazz), au fil de joutes menées
par quatre maîtres percussionnistes, qui se piquent aussi de chanter,
voire de slamer ou d'invoquer la déesse Yemanja.
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