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Four master percussionists sing, dance, recite, strike their drums, eager to share with you the richness of ancestral songs and rhythms.


The blending is done by means of the piano, the saxophone and the double bass competing each in their virtuosity in a back and forth from one country to another, that finally arrives at a new unclassifiable music somewhere between jazz and traditional music, one made up of rhythms of African origin, Amerindian melodies, texts from ancient Europe and contemporary creation.

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Released June 17, 2022

Production : Assos Picante

Label : Quart de Lune

Distribution : UVM Production, Idol


The Tambor y Canto company was born in Marseille in 2013 on the occasion of the Xth edition of these Meetings. It offers a mix of traditions from four countries: Cuba, Brazil, Peru and Argentina!

Eight percussionists are also eight voices to sing and declaim the tradition, maestros ready to share with you the essence of Latin American rhythms.


Released in 2016

Production : Assos Picante

Label : Quart de Lune

Distribution : UVM Production

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